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Metal And Wood Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting is one of the most popular types of manufacturing today. It’s an efficient way to create intricate shapes out of metal or wood and doesn’t require welding. Plus, it’s much less dusty and noisy than traditional cutting methods. Here are four things you need to know if you’re considering laser cutting for your next manufacturing project. ###

Metal and Wood Laser Cutting Machine

Metal and Wood Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting is a versatile process used to create metal or wood parts. There are several different types of laser-cutting machines on the market, each with advantages and disadvantages. 

The most common type of laser cutting machine is the desktop machine. These machines are small and easy to use, making them perfect for smaller projects. They also have low power requirements, allowing them to be used in more locations than larger machines. However, desktop machines are limited in terms of the materials they can cut. 

Laser-cutting machines that use a CO2 laser are more powerful than desktop machines and can cut a wider range of materials. They also require more space, so they aren’t as suitable for smaller projects.CO2 lasers have the advantage of being able to cut very thin slices without damaging the material, making them ideal for creating intricate patterns or designs. However, they are also more expensive than desktop lasers and require regular maintenance.

Electron beam lithography (EBL) is a type of laser cutting that uses an electron beam instead of a light beam. EBL is capable of printing detailed patterns onto materials without any damage. However, EBL machines are much more expensive than other lasers and require special software to operate correctly.EBL machines also require much more time to cut through materials than other types of lasers, so they’re not suitable for quick turnaround projects. 


Types of Metal and Wood Laser Cutting Machines

There are many types of metal and wood laser-cutting machines on the market, but the three most popular are CNC routers, rotary tools, and water-jet cutters.

CNC Routers: CNC routers use a computer to control the movement of a router bit, which cuts the material. They can be used on metal or wood and are generally more expensive than other machines.

Rotary Tools: Rotary tools use a spinning wheel or drill bit to cut materials. They are not as accurate as CNC routers but are less expensive and easier to use.

Water-Jet Cutters: Water-jet cutters use high-pressure jets of water to cut materials. They are very accurate and can work on both metal and wood.

Benefits of a Metal and Wood Laser Cutting Machine

A metal and wood laser cutting machine is the perfect option if you are looking for an efficient and precise way to cut metal and wood. These machines can produce high-quality cuts quickly and easily without needing a lot of handwork. Additionally, these machines are very affordable, making them a great investment. Here are some of the benefits of using a metal and wood laser cutting machine: 

– Precise cuts: Metal and wood lasers are incredibly precise tools, allowing you to make accurate cuts without having to deal with too much distortion.

– Fast workflow: Thanks to their fast speeds, metal and wood laser cutting machines can complete your projects in a hurry.

– Durable hardware: Since these machines use highly durable hardware, they can handle even the most demanding projects.

– Easy maintenance: Because metal and wood laser cutters don’t require special care or maintenance, they can be left unattended for long periods without risk of damage.

Types of Materials that can be Cut with a Metal and Wood Laser Cutting Machine

Different materials can be cut with a metal and wood laser cutting machine, including metals like aluminum and brass, as well as woods like hardwoods and softwoods. The main difference between using a metal laser cutter and a wood laser cutter is the power of the lasers themselves. Metal lasers are typically more powerful and can cut through thicker pieces of metal than wood lasers.

Wooden boards can also be cut with a wood laser cutter if you have the correct specifications. For example, if you want your board to have an even thickness across, you’ll need to use a thicker laser beam for Wood Laser Cutting. On the other hand, if you want to cut out a specific shape or design on your board, a thinner beam will work just fine.

If you’re unsure which type of laser cutter is right for you, consult with an experienced technician at your local laser cutting shop. They can help guide you toward the right machine for your specific needs.

Cost of a Metal and Wood Laser Cutting Machine

The cost of a metal and wood laser-cutting machine varies depending on the specific model. However, these machines generally cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. This price range includes both manual and automated machines. Automated machines are typically more expensive but tend to be more versatile and reliable.


If you’re in the market for a metal and wood laser cutting machine, look at the machines on offer at our store. We have a wide selection of high-quality machines perfect for cutting intricate shapes out of metal and wood. If you’re unsure which machine is right for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you decide which machine is best for your project.

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