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3D Laser Marking Machine

Top 3D Laser Marking Machine Supplier in China

When it comes to precision and quality, look no further than Dekcel. As the top 3D laser marking machine supplier in China, we offer cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise. Trust Dekcel for all your laser marking requirements and take your business to the next level.

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    3D Laser Marking Machine | 3D Laser Marking | 3D Fiber Laser Engraver

Equipped with a cutting-edge FEELTEK dynamic galvanometer, this 3D autofocus laser marking machine marks flat, curved, cylindrical surfaces of varying heights. It meets diverse customer needs by enabling markings on curved surfaces, different height parts, intricate 3D relief markings on small metal or aluminum molds, and deep markings on metal, aluminum, and copper surfaces.

3D Laser Marking Machine
3D Laser Marking Machine

3D Laser Marking Machine for sale

Upgrade Your Marking Game with a 3D Laser Marking Machine! This state-of-the-art equipment offers precise and high-speed marking, perfect for various materials. From plastic to metal, our machine can handle it all with ease. Elevate your marking efficiency and precision with Dekcel's 3D Laser Marking Machine.

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    Applications of 3D Laser Marking Machine

The dynamic focusing fiber laser engraving machine enables 3D data editing, quick 3D surface marking, and relief processing. It utilizes a dynamic compensation algorithm to ensure broad-focus consistency for optimal results. The machine supports various file formats and coding, allowing for the import of drawing software, vector graphics, text, barcodes, and more.

• In the manufacturing industry, it is used to mark high-value products such as aerospace parts and medical devices for tracking and ensuring authenticity.
• The automotive industry benefits from its ability to mark components with critical information for quality control and traceability.
• Jewelry makers use 3D laser marking to create intricate designs on precious metals and gemstones.
• In the electronics industry, it is used to mark circuit boards and other components with product information and identification codes.
• This technology continues to evolve and is expected to find even more applications in different industries.

Samples Processed by 3D Laser Marking

Technical Parameters of 3D Dynamic Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Model3D Dynamic Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Laser power30W, 50W, 100W, 200W
Laser wavelength 1064nm ±10nm
Pules frequency 20KHz~200KHz
Technologymarking area100mm*100mm*40mm
Adjustable marking range200mm*200mm*80mm
Marking wayXYZ 3 axis dynamic focusing
Min line width0.03mm
Marking range100mm*100mm ~ 600mm*600mm
Minimum line width0.03mm
Minimum character0.1mm
Marking speed ≤ 10000mm/s 
Engraving line speed ≤ 7000mm/s 
Repeat accuracy±0.0025mm
Marking formatGraphics,text,bar code,two-dimensional code,automatically
marking the date,batch number,serial number,frequency,etc.
Graphic format supportedPLT / DXF / DWG / SWG / STL / BMP / JPG / PNG / TIF.
Working voltage 220V ± 10%,50HZ,4A
Unit power<0.5KW
Cooling wayAir cooling
Laser module life>100000 hours

Advantage of 3D Dynamic Metal Mould Marking Machine

Advantage of 3D Dynamic Metal Mould Marking Machine
- High-Power Marking: Our 3D relief marking machine is compatible with IPG/Raycus/JPT 60W/100W/200W or can be customized.
- Deep Engraving: Adjusting the focus distance after each pass enables processing with maximum energy density.
- Flexible Range: The 3D-axis offers precise marking on various surfaces automatically.
- High Consistency: Achieve high precision and repeatability in marking lines and spacing throughout the entire area, eliminating distortion.
- User-Friendly: Includes standard 3D editing and previewing options for ease of use.

Features of 3D Auto Focus Laser Marking Machine

Features of 3D Auto Focus Laser Marking Machine
- Supports multiple file formats and coding languages, including importing from drawing software, vector graphics, text, and barcodes.
- Our in-house software allows for further development and customization, with multi-language support for enhanced user experience.
- Various correction methods available: quick and precise corrections on a high-precision platform, flexible focal point adjustments, ensuring consistent focus across all formats.
- Offers solutions such as production line marking, visual positioning, and automation marking to cater to diverse customer needs.
- Enables 3D applications by importing STL models, self-developed models, and provides 3D data editing for efficient 3D surface marking and relief processing.
- Expansion capabilities for 3D scanning equipment facilitate rapid localization and reverse processing of workpieces, allowing swift marking without the need to import the workpiece model.
Unlike traditional 2D marking solutions, this innovative 3D variant adjusts the laser's focal distance with unparalleled precision, allowing for consistent, high-quality marks on objects of varying shapes and sizes. This technology not only elevates the accuracy and efficiency of the marking process but also opens up new possibilities in customization, paving the way for more intricate and detailed designs across many industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about 3D Laser Marking Machine

Q: What is a 3D laser marking machine, and how does it differ from traditional engraving machines?

A: A 3D laser marking machine is a cutting-edge engraver that utilizes laser energy to etch or mark materials in three-dimensional forms. Unlike traditional 2D marking models that only engrave on flat surfaces, 3D laser engraving machines can adjust the laser focus to engrave on variable surface heights, offering high-precision 3D galvo control. This allows for intricate designs on various materials, including plastic, metal, and glass, making them more versatile than standard engraving machines.

Q: Can the 3D laser crystal engraving machine be used on materials other than crystal?

A: Yes, the 3D laser crystal engraving machine, despite its name, is highly versatile and can be utilized to etch or mark a wide range of materials, including plastic, glass, metal, and more. This is due to its advanced laser marker technology and specified software and control system, which allow it to precisely manage laser energy and adapt to different material densities and compositions.

Q: What benefits does 3D UV laser marking offer over CO2 laser engraving?

A: 3D UV laser marking provides several advantages over traditional CO2 laser engraving. UV laser marking machines use ultraviolet light, which results in a shorter wavelength than CO2 lasers. This allows for excellent and precise markings suited for delicate or sensitive materials without damaging them. Moreover, UV lasers can mark a broader range of materials with high contrast, including plastic and glass, making them perfect for applications requiring intricate details and high resolution.

Q: How does optical quality impact the performance of a 3D laser engraving machine?

A: Optical quality is crucial for the performance of a 3D laser engraving machine. High-quality optical components ensure the laser beam is accurately focused and maintained at the precise intensity required for marking. This results in cleaner, more accurate, and consistent markings. Moreover, superior optical quality contributes to the machine’s efficiency by reducing errors and rework and extending the life span of both the laser and the machine.

Q: What is the significance of 3D-specified software and control systems in a 3D marking machine?

A: The specified software and control system are essential components of a 3D marking machine as they manage the laser engraver’s operations to achieve precision 3D engraving. This software controls the laser marker, adjusting its power, speed, and focus according to the design’s requirements. Additionally, it enables the laser marking machine to adopt complex markings across varied surface heights and angles, ensuring high-precision, detailed designs with a three-dimensional appearance far beyond what traditional 2D marking model systems can achieve.

Q: Can 3D laser marking machines be used for surface marking on plastic?

A: Absolutely; 3d laser marking machines are highly effective for surface marking on plastic. They can precisely etch detailed designs and information onto plastic surfaces without damaging the material. Thanks to the advanced 3D dynamic focus system, these machines can adjust the laser’s focal length on the fly, particularly useful for marking uneven plastic surfaces, resulting in clear, precise, and visually appealing markings.

Q: What is the advantage of using a fiber laser marking engraving machine in 3D laser marking?

A: Fiber laser marking engraving machines offer several advantages in 3D laser marking, such as outstanding precision, efficiency, and longevity. These machines utilize fiber lasers, which are known for their high beam quality and energy efficiency. This allows for precise and clean markings on a variety of materials. Additionally, fiber lasers have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than other laser types, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for high-precision 3D marking capabilities.

Q: How is the marking area of a 3D laser machine determined?

A: The marking area of a 3D laser machine is determined by the optical configuration of the laser marking system and the capabilities of the specified software and control system. The high-precision 3D galvo mirrors adjust the laser’s positioning, enabling it to target a specific area accurately. The size of the marking area can vary between machines but is typically designed to accommodate a wide range of projects, from small intricate designs to more extensive industrial markings, making it essential for users to select a machine that meets their specific requirements.

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