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DEK-FC60MA Automatic Feeding Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

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What is Automatic Feeding Tube High Power Laser Cutting Machine?

  • Automatic Feeding Tube High Power Laser Cutting Machine is a laser machine. It can cut different materials, such as metal, plastic, rubber, etc. The main feature of this product is that it can automatically feed to save time and labour costs.
  • The high-power laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting various metal plate materials. It is used to cut the material into small parts or cut out holes in the middle of the workpiece using a high-frequency excitation light source with computer control.
What is Automatic Feeding Tube High Power Laser Cutting Machine?
Automatic Feeding Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

DEK-FC60MA Machine Feature

  • 1. Large workspace: It is suitable for long-distance cutting and welding in the middle of two pieces of materials.
  • 2. High-power capacity: Large power can be used to cut thick plates, big-size plates and thick materials with high strength.
  • 3. Big optical lens: Big optical lenses can enlarge the operator’s visual field and improve the quality of cutting-edge precision.
  • 4. Automatic feeding system: It can automatically feed materials into the working area without a manual feeding process, which improves production efficiency significantly and makes it more convenient for operators to operate this machine efficiently.

Full-automatic feeding and unloading material device

  • Automatic Feeding
    Realize the intelligent material separation, feeding and seamless docking with the fiber laser cutting machine after the whole bundles of tubes are placed in the feeding device, and ensure that only one tube is delivered to the conveying arm each time.
  • Automatic Unloading
    The finished product is automatically dropped to the storage bin, double support-bearing auxiliary support overlong tubes.
Full-automatic feeding and unloading material device
Automatic Focusing Laser Head


  • The laser head has a built-in motor drive unit, and the focusing lens is driven by a linear mechanism to change the position within 20mm automatically. The user can set continuous focus through the program to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of plates of different thicknesses and materials.
  • The compound lens group equipped with D28 integrates the light beam and optimizes the optical and water-cooled design so that the laser head can work stably for a long time.

Clamp Design

  • The cnc fiber laser cutting machine adopts an electric clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center automatically.
  • The diagonal adjustable range is 20-300mm.
Clamp Design
Fractional Automatic Support Installation

Fractional Automatic Support Installation

It employs an intelligent tube support design, which can solve the deformation problems in the process of long tube cutting using sophisticated software that it uses.

Automatic Feeding Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine solution

The conventional laser cutting method cuts the work material by moving the laser beam straight across the material. In this case, the material should be fixed on a platform and then moved along with the movement of the laser beam. It is an easy operation, but it has some shortcomings:

  • 1. The accuracy of positioning and alignment is rigorous. Otherwise, there will be a large gap between the cutting-edge and the device;
  • 2. The size of the platform limits the length of the cutting path because it needs to move together with the movement of the laser head;
  • 3. The energy density of each point on the material is not uniform, and there may be hot spots or cold spots caused by uneven power distribution;
  • 4. To increase productivity, it is necessary to increase equipment investment (a stationary system requires more than one set)
  • 5. The cutting speed is limited by the platform size because it needs to move together with the movement of the laser head.

The automatic feeding fibre laser tube cutting machine is mainly used for high-precision cutting parts of semiconductor devices, electronic components, liquid crystal display (LCD) and other electronic products. The main advantages are as follows:

  • High precision: The cutting line accuracy is better than 0.1mm; the surface roughness is not more than 0.2μm peak-to-valley; the distortion is within 1% of the actual size.
  • High efficiency: Cutting speed of up to 100m/min can be achieved by using a high-speed stepper motor drive or stepping motor drive; this reduces the operator’s work time and improves productivity.
  • Easy operation: The laser tube moves along the lengthwise direction according to the cutting program in real-time, which significantly reduces operator intervention and increases safety during operation.
  • Low cost: Compared with the manual feeding type, it saves labour costs and improves efficiency by moving automatically along the lengthwise direction according to cutting programs in real-time.
  • Automatic Feeding Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine is widely used in the welding, cutting and engraving industry.
  • 1. Equipped with an automatic feeding system, it can efficiently cut any shape and size of tubes without distortion and burr.
  • 2. The high-power fiber laser tube cutting machine can cut stainless steel tubes, carbon steel tubes, aluminium tubes and other materials with excellent cutting results.
  • 3. It can be widely used in shipbuilding, oil drilling, chemical industries and other industries that require processing various shapes of metal materials.
Automatic Feeding Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine solution

Dek-fc60ma Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Technical Parameter

Machine modelDEK-FC60MA
Laser power1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W (Optional)
Working areaHold diameter: Φ20mm-Φ300mm
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Maximum speed1.5G
Max. acceleration±0.02mm/m
Voltage and frequency380V 50Hz/60HZ

Industry Applications

Professional tube fiber laser cutting machine—DEK-FC60M is used for cutting square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, waist type tubes, hexagonal tubes; square tubes 20 * 20- 150 *150mm, round tube Φ20-Φ 210mm wall thickness of 0.5-10mm carbon steel tube, 0.5-10mm stainless steel tube.

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