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CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine

CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine Incorporating a high-speed, large-scale CCD line scanner, spotlight condenser optics, and a laser beam source, the machine provides unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use.

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What is CCD camera laser cutting machine

The CCD camera laser cutting machine is used for cutting materials using laser beams. The laser can be precisely positioned, and the CCD camera ensures that the material is cut with high precision.

RDVision is a cutting system based on intelligent target recognition. It is used to accurately cut printed fabrics, automatic recognition, and cutting of special-shaped and complex patterns, detailed embroidery, trademark woven labels, and other textile processes.

Ccd Camera Laser Cutting Machine 1
RDC6445G CCD Laser Cutter Controller
RDC6445G CCD Laser Cutter Controller

Vision Laser Cutting Machine Controller Technical Parameter

This motor interface offers a powerful output of up to 400KHZ frequency, enabled by its 20mA drive capacity and common anode setup. 

With 128M non-releasable memory, data transfer via USB can reach 12M at distances up to 5 meters away, while network cables permit transfers as far as 200m with 100M maximum rates.

Furthermore, interpolation accuracy remains outstanding – +/- 0.5 pulses for linear/circular/B-spline models – and it features 4 optoisolated OC gate outputs capable of driving 24V / 5V DC relays or other compatible systems (300 mA max.). 

The package is rounded out further still by encompassing four universal photoelectric isolation inputs that function well with logic levels from both 5V / 12V / 24 V technologies.

Laser Cutter CCD Camera Function Description

This all-in-one controller offers a wealth of control capabilities, including support for up to 4 servo/stepper motors;

an extended serial port enabling communication with EPLC-400, BWK201R, and BWK301R wireless handheld devices as well as other RS232 compatible peripherals;

four OC gate outputs that can drive 5V or 24 relays directly;

mobile application access to monitor operations from any location conveniently.

With this powerful unit, you’ll also enjoy dual-head electric mutual shift control; super format split cutting processing, and dual-head asynchronous processing – perfect for large-scale vision projects where mark point visual cutting & projection methods are required.

Laser Cutter CCD Camera Function Description

How To Use CCD Camera Laser Cutter

Using advanced technology, digitally cut a printed pattern begins with loading graphics onto the CCD camera cutter.

Next, an imported vector file is fed into RDCMarkVision to extract black marks and set up software commands.

Lastly, powerful HD cameras detect outline shapes, allowing for automated path creation – resulting in reduced error & more precise cuts!

CCD Laser Marking Machine Features

powerful data processing ability of high-end DSP technology

Our cutting function combines leading DSP technology, expert camera recognition software, and precise mechanical components to ensure accurate yet swift cuts each time. Leverage this powerful combination for a successful project!

Adopt advanced CCD camera recognition systems

Utilize a cutting-edge CCD camera recognition system to revolutionize your workflow. With the integrated visual identification technology, quickly and accurately process images through computer automation – minimizing wasted materials and precious time.

Machine transmission system

With a cutting-edge machine transmission system utilizing the latest fast linear rail technology, we can dramatically boost efficiency for improved results.

Linear rail module

The linear rail module is equipped to swiftly accomplish even the most intricate curvature cutting. With its laser heads flowing in a captivating arc, it will satisfy any industrial demands effortlessly and efficiently.

Guide to Buy CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machines 2023

If you are looking for the best ccd camera laser cutting machines, you have come to the right place. This guide will help you find out everything you need to know about these machines and how they can help your business.

Laser Cutting Machine with CCD Camera Technical Parameter

Work Area (mm)1300mm*900mm1300mm*2500mm
Laser GeneratorCo2 glass sealed laser tube
Laser Power150W/300W/500W/600W
TransmissionBelt / Ball Screw with servo motorBelt / Gear and rack with servo motor
Cutting TypeMark point
MaterialWood : ≤30mm / Acrylic :≤ 30mm / Foam : ≤100mm
Carbon steel : ≤4mm / Stainl steel : ≤3mm
Control SystemRuida laser controller
Cutting Speed0-48000mm/min
Resolution <0.025mm
Power SupplyAC110V/220V± 10%,50-60Hz
Software supportedPLT, AI,JPGE, PCS, TGA, DST, DXP, DXF, DWG, CDR
Cooling TypeCW-3000 dual temperature dual control water chiller
AccessoriesWater Chiller, Air Pump, Exhaust Blower

CCD laser machine Application Scenarios

Printed fabrics, KT boards, printed PVC boards, embroidery, logos, advertising spray paint, and photographic fabrics.

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