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Best China carpet cutting machine for Printed fabric/cloth/PVC/floor mat 2022

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CNC carpet cutting machine

CNC carpet-cutting machines are computer-controlled cutting machines used to cut carpets. They use a computer to control the cutting blade’s movement, allowing for precise cuts.

CNC machines are used in various industries, but they are particularly well-suited for cutting carpets due to the intricate patterns that can be created.

Carpet-cutting machines can create patterns, including straight lines, circles, and curves. They can also be used to create images or logos. CNC carpet-cutting machines are essential for any business that manufactures or installs carpets.

Printable Cloth Carpet Cutting Machine

carpet cutting machine Feature

  • This printed fabric knife cutting machine is equipped with an intelligent camera visual cutting system, mainly used for printed materials such as fabric, leather, PVC mat, floor mat, desk pads, KT board, etc.
  • DEKCEL printed digital fabric knife cutting machine has the following functions: auto feeding, auto outline recognition, auto image matting, and auto cutting.
  • The top camera takes pictures, generating cutting files through auto image matting, then the machine realizes auto continuous cutting.
  • For processing leather material, this machine can realize automatic photo taking, extracting contour, identifying defects, automatic nesting, and cutting processing.
  • Intelligent safety anti-collision protection device and infrared safety locking device to ensure maximum protection of the operator when the machine is running at high speed
  • Japan Panasonic servo motor, Taiwan guide rack, high processing accuracy, smooth operation, fast response.

printable cloth carpet cutting machine solution

  • 1. No standardization of carpet cutting
  • 2. High cost for custom printed carpets
  • 3. Limited number of designs available in the market
  • 4. Low durability and aesthetic value of printed carpets
  • 5. Less flexibility in terms of color and design options
  • 6. Fragile and vulnerable to wear and tear
  • 7. Unpredictable results

1. The printed fabric shape cutting machine has such features as rational scientific design, simple, flexible operation;

2. Good stable quality, structural durability, lightweight, no noise, safety, and reliability;

3. The material cut by Mat Board Cutting Machine has clean cuts without burrs and wrinkles.;

4. The Mat Board Cutting Machine is easy to install and dismantle;

5. It can be used for cutting various materials like paperboard, cardboard, film board, etc.;

  • Cutting materials: printing knitting, woven, cotton and linen materials, blended fabric materials of various types of clothing fabrics
  • such as: Printed fabrics, mats, table mats, KT board, PVC board, leather, nylon, textiles, carbon fiber, glass fiber, Oxford cloth, blankets, canvas, imitation leather, leather, cotton and linen materials, bags, sofa fabrics, and carpet fabrics
printable cloth carpet cutting machine solution

carpet cutting machine & mat board cutter Technical Parameter

Model No.DEK-1625M
Cutting speed200-1200mm/s(depends on the kind of material)
Working TableAutomatic feeding felt conveyor
Camera SystemIntelligence Canon-1500D visual cutting system
Multi-function Tool HeadElectric Oscillating Tool ,Pneumatic oscillating Tool, Creasing Wheel,V-cutter,Camera Vision System,Punching Tool,Spindle,Mark Pen,Kiss-cut Tool, Drag Tool,Round blade Tool
Safety DevicesSafety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable
Fixture DeviceIndividual section vacuum suction
Repeat Cutting Precision≤ 0.1mm
Cutting thickness≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material
Transmission portEthernet port
Control systemZhongrui control system
Control PanelKinco LED Touch Screen
Support file formatAI、PLT、DXF、CDR etc
Transmission SystemJapan YASKAWA servo driver ;Taiwan Guide Rail;Synchronous belt
Power Supply380V±10% / 220V±10% Optional
Working EnvironmentOperating environment Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH

Supported tools

Support up to 6 multifunctional tools (such as EOT, POT, Power Rotary Tool, Driven Rotary Tool, Universal Cutting Tool, and CCD Camera Visual Cutting) simultaneously.

Configured High-resolution Cameras

This machine adopts the latest imported high-resolution digital camera as a detecting device, making cutting precision more accurate and stable. Meanwhile, it can also be adapted by other area lighting systems. It owns rich functions such as paper width and thickness automatic recognition, long paper ruler (with 3.5cm accuracy), single line dissection, and so on.

Application Scenarios

Carpet Cutting Machine Save material, improve production efficiency and your income

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