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Carton Board & Corrugated Board Digital Knife Cutting Machine

Dekcel Digital Knife Cutting Machine is your choice that cuts corrugated boards into various shapes on the digital system to save your cost.

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CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine & Corrugated Cardboard Cutting Machine

The CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine is a perfect solution for cutting corrugated cardboard. It can be widely used in various industries, such as packaging, carton making, etc.

With the help of this machine, you can easily cut any corrugated cardboard, such as HDPE board, LDPE board, PA board, and so on.

Corrugated cardboard is widely used in different industries, especially packaging. This is a kind of material with high strength and low cost. It is suitable for packing fragile products like electronic or glass products; it also has good insulation performance and is lightweight.

The CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine consists of the main frame, cutting head, servo motor, and other components. The machine adopts a good layout design and compact structure to ensure smooth operation and easy maintenance. With reasonable configuration parameter setting mode, it can conveniently operate by one person without special knowledge and skills.

CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine & Corrugated Cardboard Cutting Machine
CNC cardboard cutter Feature

CNC cardboard cutter Feature

1 Multi-functional cutting heads can change cutting tools according to the processing material.
2 Japan Panasonic servo motor, Taiwan guide rack, high processing accuracy, smooth running, fast response.
3 Advanced KINCO control cutting system, easy to operate, friendly interface, powerful.
4 Intelligent LED touch screen control panel, no need to press a button; a touch can realize the setting and adjustment of various parameters.
5 Intelligent safety anti-collision protection device and infrared safety locking device to ensure the maximum protection of the operator’s safety when the machine runs at high speed.
6 Machine processing table is divided into independent 5 partition vacuum adsorption areas, strong adsorption capacity.

CNC cardboard cutting machine Processing demo video

CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine Solution

Traditional carton board / corrugated board cutting can be a real pain for manufacturers. Here are five of the biggest pain points:

1. Time-consuming: Manually cutting carton boards is time-consuming and can often lead to inconsistent results.
2. Waste: Traditional methods often result in a lot of wasted material, making it difficult to achieve precise cuts.
3. Safety hazards: Cutting carton boards by hand can be dangerous, as it can lead to sharp edges and flying debris.
4. Inefficient: Traditional methods are often inefficient, as they can require multiple passes to achieve the desired results.
5. Costly: Traditional methods can be costly, requiring specialized equipment and trained operators.

A CNC cardboard cutting machine is the best choice for you.

1. CNC cardboard cutting machine can cut all kinds of cardboard materials and soft materials such as PVC board, acrylic board, wood, etc.

2. CNC cardboard cutting machine can be tailored to different specifications according to customer needs, so it is easy to use, flexible and convenient for customers.

3. The CNC cardboard cutting machine cost is low, and our products’ price is competitive with other similar products in the market. Our factory’s professional team guarantees the quality of our product and 100% inspection before delivery to ensure that every product meets customer requirements.

4. We also provide customized service for our CNC cardboard cutting machines according to your situation so that we can provide you with a more efficient solution for your project requirements!

It can be used to cut various materials such as KT board, chevron board, corrugated paper, grey cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, density board, hollow board, PVC board, plastic board, EVA foam, EPE pearl cotton, cardboard, etc.

CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine Solution

carpet cutting machine & mat board cutter Technical Parameter

Model No.DEK-1625M
Cutting speed200-1200mm/s(depends on the kind of material)
Working TableAutomatic feeding felt conveyor
Camera SystemIntelligence Canon-1500D visual cutting system
Multi-function Tool HeadElectric Oscillating Tool ,Pneumatic oscillating Tool, Creasing Wheel,V-cutter,Camera Vision System,Punching Tool,Spindle,Mark Pen,Kiss-cut Tool, Drag Tool,Round blade Tool
Safety DevicesSafety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable
Fixture DeviceIndividual section vacuum suction
Repeat Cutting Precision≤ 0.1mm
Cutting thickness≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material
Transmission portEthernet port
Control systemZhongrui control system
Control PanelKinco LED Touch Screen
Support file formatAI、PLT、DXF、CDR etc
Transmission SystemJapan YASKAWA servo driver ;Taiwan Guide Rail;Synchronous belt
Power Supply380V±10% / 220V±10% Optional
Working EnvironmentOperating environment Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH

Supported tools

Support up to 6 multifunctional tools (such as EOT, POT, Power Rotary Tool, Driven Rotary Tool, Universal Cutting Tool, and CCD Camera Visual Cutting) simultaneously.

Configured High-resolution Cameras

Carpet machines work wonderfully for thin, straight cuts and molding into desired shapes or sizes. The tiny, sharp teeth easily slice through the carpet to cut uniform lines.

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