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1000W 2000W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Our cutting-edge fiber laser cleaning machines are equipped with powerful 1000W or 2000W generators, expertly tailored to remove metal surface rust and paint, as well as oil fouling on rubber moulds. We can create custom solutions for larger tasks too!

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1000W 2000W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

What is Fiber laser cleaning machine?

A fibre laser cleaning machine is a powerful tool for various industrial and commercial applications. By harnessing the power of a 1000W or 2000W pulsed fibre laser generator, these machines can remove rust, paint, oil fouling, and other contaminants from metal surfaces.

  1. Fibre laser cleaning machines are safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.
  2. They generate less heat, reducing risk of warping or damaging the material.
  3. The process is significantly faster than traditional methods.
  4. Cost per application is lower due to no additional parts or consumables required.

How does a laser cleaning machine work?

Laser cleaning technology uses nanosecond-length pulses of laser light to powerfully remove layers from metal surfaces, such as oxides, coatings, and dust. This process is based on the principle of photons projected onto a surface that will cause thermal or photochemical responses depending on the material present – often leading to an oxide layer detaching due to expanding differently than its host substrate.

By then absorbing high peak pulse power energy into these target areas they quickly evaporate resulting in pollutants being ejected with great force before an accompanying suction system captures them away for good!

How does a laser cleaning machine work?
What are the Features of a Fiber laser cleaning machine?

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Scanning Head

What are the Features of a Fiber laser cleaning machine?

Simple structure, lightweight, ergonomic design, easy to operate, small size, high precision, and good stability.

No need for any chemical liquid, no consumables, and safety and environmental protection.

This fibre laser cleaner is adopted by famous brand lasers generators such as Raycus, JPT, MAX, IPG or another domestic brand. The laser cleaner’s power range from 100w and 200w…up to 1000w, and 2000w or is customized for more big po

The high damage threshold of scanning mirror and F-theta lens;
Continuously long-time working more than 10 hours.

This fiber laser cleaner is adopt famous brand laser generator such as Raycus, JPT, MAX, IPG or other domestic brand.The laser cleaner power range from 100w,200w…up to 1000w, 2000w or customized for more big power.

High Power Fiber Laser Generator

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Technical Parameters of Handheld Laser Rust Remover

Power SupplyAC 380/220V 50/60HzAC 380/220V 50/60Hz
Control WayPC ControlPC Control
Air Pressure3L / min (clean air)3L / min (clean air)
Working Environment Temperature5-40℃5-40℃
Working Humidity<90%<90%
Laser ClassClass IVClass IV
Laser MediumFiberFiber
Laser Power Rate500W1000W
Laser Wavelength1064nm1064nm
Pulse Frequency10-30, Typ 20Khz10-30, Typ 20Khz
Fiber Length10m10m
Beam Width<1mm<1mm
Cleaning Width50-150mm50-300mm
Cleaning WayHandheldHandheld

Applicaation of Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Applicaation of Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

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