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Mopa Laser Marking Machine

Top Mopa Laser Marking Machine Supplier in China

As a leading provider of Mopa laser marking machines, we offer high-quality, reliable equipment that can meet all your marking needs. Our machines are equipped with the latest Mopa technology, ensuring precise and efficient marking on a variety of materials. Trust Dekcel for all your laser marking needs and experience the difference quality equipment can make.

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    MOPA Laser Marking Machine | Mopa Laser Engraver | Fiber Mopa Laser Marker

The MOPA laser marker machine utilizes fiber laser technology, with ‘MOPA’ standing for Master Oscillator Power Amplifier. Noteworthy features of the MOPA fiber laser include independent control over laser marking frequency and pulse width. By adjusting these parameters, the MOPA fiber laser ensures a consistent peak power output, offering versatility in material processing compared to standard fiber laser machines. This technology provides a wider pulse width modulation, faster response time, and the advantage of the first pulse option.

Mopa Laser Marking Machine
Mopa Laser Marking Machine

MOPA Laser Marking Machine for sale

Advanced MOPA Laser Marking Machine Available Now! Our cutting-edge MOPA laser marking machine combines precision with efficiency, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.

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    Applications of Mopa Laser Marking Machine

The MOPA laser marking machine is primarily utilized for stainless steel color marking, blackening aluminum oxide, anode peeling, and removing coatings, as well as in the semiconductor, electronics, plastic, and sensitive material marking industries. It is also commonly employed in the PVC plastic pipe sector.

• It is widely used in the medical, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and jewelry industries.
• Its advanced technology utilizes a MOPA fiber laser source for high-quality and versatile marking on materials like metals, plastics, ceramics, and glass.
• This machine offers flexibility in marking different colors and contrasts.
• The Mopa laser marking machine is highly efficient and fast, able to mark thousands of products per hour, reducing production costs and waste.

Samples Processed by Mopa Laser Marking Machine

Technical Parameters of Mopa Laser Marking Machine

Laser modelMOPA Laser Marking Machine
Laser power(W)20W30W60W80W100W
Wavelength (nm)1064
Frequency Rate Range(kHZ)1 ~ 4000
Pulse width (ns)2 ~ 500
Marking speed (mm/s)5000 ~30000
Locating speed (mm/s)7000 ~ 50000
Repetition accuracy±0.002mm
Power connection220V±10%/50HZ
Cooling wayAir Cooling 
Type OptionMini Portable / Desktops / Handhold Type / Intelligent

Advantage of Mopa Laser Marking Machine

--MOPA lasers can mark non-metal materials, unlike fiber lasers.
--It provides versatile results, such as color marking on stainless steel.
--Black color marking can be done on anodized aluminum.
--High-contrast marking is possible on plastics with fine text at 0.1mm.
--Deep marking using a high-power MOPA generator.
--Anode and coating removal applications.
--Usage in semiconductor and electronics industry.
--Marking sensitive materials such as plastics.
--Utilized in the PVC plastic pipe industry.
The Mopa Laser Marking Machine exemplifies the pinnacle of laser engraving technology, offering unparalleled precision and flexibility in material processing. From metals to plastics and even delicate materials like silicon, the Mopa Laser Marking Machine delivers exceptional results, making it an indispensable tool in industries where precision is paramount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about MOPA Laser Marking Machine

Q: What is a Mopa Laser Marking Machine?

A: A Mopa laser marking machine is a type of fiber laser marking machine that utilizes a Mopa fiber laser source to create precise and high-quality markings on various materials.

Q: How is a Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine different from a conventional fiber laser machine?

A: A Mopa fiber laser marking machine offers more control over pulse duration and frequency, making it ideal for applications that require marking on materials like anodized aluminum with different colors and shades.

Q: What are the advantages of using a Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

A: Some advantages of using a Mopa fiber laser marking machine include creating color markings, high-speed marking capabilities, and the flexibility to adjust the laser parameters for different engraving requirements.

Q: What materials can be marked using a Mopa Laser Marking Machine?

A: A Mopa laser marking machine can mark a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, anodized aluminum, and other surfaces that are typically difficult to mark with conventional laser machines.

Q: How does a Mopa Laser Marking Machine work?

A: A Mopa laser marking machine generates a laser beam using a Mopa fiber laser source, which is then directed through a series of optical components to focus the laser onto the material being marked.

Q: What are some typical applications of a Mopa Laser Marking Machine?

A: Mopa laser marking machines are commonly used for marking and engraving applications in industries such as jewelry, electronics, automotive, and medical devices due to their precision and versatility.

Q: Can a Mopa Laser Marking Machine perform deep engraving on materials?

A: Yes, a Mopa laser marking machine can be used for deep engraving on materials like metals, allowing for intricate designs and markings that are permanent and resistant to wear.

Q: What is the significance of a fiber laser source in a Mopa Laser Marking Machine?

A: The fiber laser source in a Mopa laser marking machine provides high output power, precise control over pulse width, and the ability to create color markings, making it a versatile tool for various marking applications.

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