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Pvc Board & Sheet Knife Cutting Machine

It can also cut corrugated paper, gray cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, white cardboard, hollow board, plastic board, EVA foam, EPE pearl cotton, cardboard, and other printing and packaging materials.

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CNC pvc cutting machine

CNC pvc cutting machine

CNC PVC cutting machine is a new type of CNC cutting machine used to cut PVC pipe, plastic plates, and so on.

ACCORDING TO THE DESIGN DRAWING, A CNC PVC cutting machine can be used to cut PVC pipe, plastic plates, and so on; it can be applied to the production of plastic products, a new type of CNC cutting machine.

The working principle of the CNC PVC cutting machine is that all the workpieces are placed on a moving table, and the cutting tool will move along with the movement of the table. We can now realize the automatic feeding, positioning, and cutting of plate materials using tools such as saw blades or knife wheels, etc.

Machine Feature

♦ Adopt the KINCO vibrating knife control system; the system interface is friendly, easy to use, upgraded, and expanded for maintenance.
♦The machine has a compact structure, small footprint, easy installation, and simple operation.
♦The machine has good performance and land and a high degree of equipment efficiency, and the machine structure is a smooth, stable operation with b, beautiful and elegant.
♦Maximum 8 multi-functional tools can be supported simultaneously (such as EOT, kiss cut, dotting wheel, v-cut, grooving, creasing, pen, and CCD camera).
♦Adopt high-performance Japan Panasonic servo drive, high processing accuracy, smooth running, and fast response.
♦Intelligent vacuum adsorption table with independent control and strong adsorption capacity.

Machine Feature

Pvc Board & Sheet Cutting Machine Solution

Traditional Pvc board cutting can be quite a pain -literally. Here are 5 of the most common issues:

1. splinters – Traditional cutter knives often result in nasty splinters. This can be extremely painful and potentially dangerous if the splinter is big enough or gets lodged in a sensitive area.
2. jagged edges – Another issue with traditional cutter knives is that they often leave behind jagged edges. This can be dangerous if you’re not careful, making it difficult to get a clean, precise cut.
3. inefficient – Traditional cutter knives are often quite inefficient, meaning cutting through the PVC board takes longer. This can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re in a hurry or working on a tight deadline.
4. wastefulness – Traditional cutter knives also tend to be quite wasteful, as they often leave behind a lot of scrap material. Not only does this add to the cost of your project, but it’s also bad for the environment.
5. safety concerns -Last but not least, traditional cutter knives can also pose a safety concern. Given the sharp blades and potential for injury, it’s always best to exercise caution when using one of these tools.

• 1. Uniform Edge

• 2. No Burrs

• 3. Precise Cutting & Cutting Speed

• 4. No Waste of Material

• 5. Easy Operation

Pvc Board & Sheet Cutting Machine is a precision cutting machine for producing corrugated boards, barcode labels, plastic sheets, and other materials. The machine is controlled by PLC, equipped with a touch screen and automatic paper feeding system. It can also cut corrugated paper, gray cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, white cardboard, hollow board, plastic board, EVA foam, EPE pearl cotton, cardboard, and other printing and packaging materials.

PVC Board & Sheet Cutting Machines can be used in many industries, such as electronic products (computer parts), electrical appliances (mobile phones), automotive electronics (car audio components), toys (toy cars), textiles (garments), and other industries.

Support Tools

CCD cameral vision cutter
CCD cameral vision cutter
creasing wheel
creasing wheel
EOT-electric oscillating tool
EOT-electric oscillating tool
kiss cutting tool.
kiss cutting tool.
Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - POT
Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - POT
Universal Cutting Tool
Universal Cutting Tool
Universal Drawing Tool
Stepper motor
V-cutter tool
V-cutter tool

Machine Technical paramerter

Machine ModelDEK-0609M
Multi-function cutting toolEOT, V-cutter, Creasing Wheel, Mark Pen, CCD Camera, Kiss cut, Spindle
Cutting Speed1500mm/s (according to the material)
Repeat Precision0.05mm
Cutting Thickness30mm
Materialpaper card, coated paper, PVC, special paper, corrugated paper, grey board, honeycomb board, ABS board, PVC sheet, PP plate sheet,EPE, EVA foam, KT board, self-adhesive,etc.
Working TableAluminium vacuum table
Transmission portEthernet port
TransmissionJapan Panasonic servo motor
TransmissionImport linear guide rail
TransmissionSynchronous belt drives
Control SystemKINCO
Safety Devicesinfrared sensing, safe and reliable
Total Power10kw
Input Power220V±10%, 50Hz-60Hz

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