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1325 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

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What is 1325 co2 laser cutting machines?

This model 1325 is mainly used for cutting MDF, acrylic, or wood panels. The size of the panels that can be cut is 2400 x 1200mm (4′ x 4′).

Glass, organic glass,leather, cloth, acrylic,wood ,MDF,PVC,Plywood,stainless steel,Maple leaf,Double-color sheet, bamboo,Plexiglas, paper, leather, marble, ceramics , etc.

1. Engraving beautiful patterns and words such on glass, wood, bamboo, Ivory, bone, leather, marble, shell

2. Mainly used in large plastic character cutting, color plate engraving, organic glass engraving and cutting, sign engraving, crystal engraving, trophy engraving, authorization engraving, etc.

3. Leather Clothing Processing Industry: Can engrave and cut complex patterns on genuine leather, synthetic leather, leather, woolens, clothing, furnishings, glove, handbag, shoes, and hats toys.

4. Model Industry: Production of construction sand table and aircraft models, etc. ABC plate cutting, MLB cutting.

5. Packing Industry: Engraving and printing rubber plates, plastic plates, double boardsdie-cutut plates, etc.

6. Other Industry: Engrave on marble, granite, glass, crystal, and other decorative materials, cut paper, and cards.

7. Product Identification Industry: Security marking products, etc.

What is 1325 co2 laser cutting machines?
Machine Features

Machine Features

It is available with 80w, 100w, 150w,300w and 600w co2 laser tubes, and the laser power is strong and stable.

High transmittance, good focusing, reflecting effect.

Adopt China leading domestic brands, such as Beijing Reci, Jilin Yongli, Wuhan Siliwo, and others. The output laser power is strong and stable, the processing accuracy is high, the cutting effect is perfect, and there is no after-sales service.

It adopts advanced DSP Ruida laser control system, with stable performance,easy operation, practical function and friendly operation surface.

Water cooling system ( S&A CW-3000/5200) automatically controls the water temperature, cools and protects the laser tube.

We adopt Leadshine stepper motor for laser cutting machine, it have a big power and high precision, it is suitable for cutting and engraving with good performance. 

It is the most famous brand for linear square guide rails, it can assure the machine has a high precision.

According to your cutting material, choose the right working table.
Blade worktable suitable for cutting and engraving hard materials such as acrylic, wood, plastic, etc.
Honeycomb worktable suitable for cutting and engraving soft material like leather, fabric, paper card, rubber, etc.

laser cutting machine 1325 All models display

1325 co2 laser cutting machine Technical Parameter

Work Area (mm)600mm*400mm900mm*600mm1300mm*900mm1300mm*2500mm
Laser GeneratorCo2 glass sealed laser tube
Laser Power60W/80W80W/100W/130W/150W/300W
Transmissionstepping stepper motor system
Cooling System60w-130w - CW300W150w/180w - CW5200 280w/300w - CW6000
MaterialWood : ≤30mm / Acrylic :≤ 30mm / Foam : ≤100mmWood : ≤30mm / Acrylic :≤ 30mm / Foam : ≤100mmWood : ≤30mm / Acrylic :≤ 30mm / Foam : ≤100mmWood : ≤30mm / Acrylic :≤ 30mm / Foam : ≤100mm
MaterialCarbon steel : ≤4mm / Stainl steel : ≤3mmCarbon steel : ≤4mm / Stainl steel : ≤3mmCarbon steel : ≤4mm / Stainl steel : ≤3mmCarbon steel : ≤4mm / Stainl steel : ≤3mm
Control SystemRuida laser controller
Cutting Speed0-48000mm/min
Resolution <0.025mm
Power SupplyAC110V/220V± 10%,50-60HzAC110V/220V± 10%,50-60HzAC110V/220V± 10%,50-60HzAC110V/220V± 10%,50-60Hz
Software supportedPLT, AI,JPGE, PCS, TGA, DST, DXP, DXF, DWG, CDR
Red PointerYes
AccessoriesWater Chiller, Air Pump, Exhaust Blower

1325 co2 laser cutting machine Specific components

Application Scenarios

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