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UV Laser Marking Machine

Top UV Laser Marking Machine Supplier in China

As the leading supplier in China, we provide high-quality, cutting-edge UV laser marking machines that are perfect for a wide range of industries. Our machines offer precision, durability, and efficiency, making them the perfect choice for your marking needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help your business succeed.

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    UV Laser Marking Machine | UV Glass Marking | Frosted Effect UV Marking

  • The UV laser marking machine utilizes a 355nm wavelength UV laser generator, which is one-third the wavelength of standard lasers, making it a third-harmonic generation (THG) laser. This “cold laser marking” method boasts a focused UV laser beam diameter of just 20 μm, ensuring minimal thermal impact and no material damage.
  • Compared to fiber and CO2 laser marking machines, the UV laser marking system excels in its versatility, capable of engraving or cutting various materials including metals and nonmetals. Its high-quality laser beam makes it the ideal choice for creating frosted effects on glass, color marking on plastic, and achieving high-contrast, ultra-fine markings.
UV Laser Marking Machine
UV Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine for sale

Advanced UV Laser Marking Machine Now Available for Purchase. Our cutting-edge technology ensures high-quality, permanent marking on a wide range of materials.

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    Applications of 5W UV Marking Machine

The UV laser marking machine excels at marking both metal materials, like a fiber laser marking machine, and non-metal materials, like a CO2 laser marking machine.

• The UV laser engraving machine is commonly used in high-end markets, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and video industries.
• It is highly efficient in marking bottle surfaces with precision, surpassing inkjet methods without causing any harm to the environment.
• This machine is also suitable for marking flexible PCB boards, creating micropores in silicon wafers, and processing blind holes.
• It excels in marking two-dimensional codes on LCD liquid crystal glass and drilling glassware surfaces.
• In addition, it can coat metal surfaces, mark plastic buttons and electronic components, and process gifts and building materials.

Samples Processed by UV Laser Marking Machine

Technical parameters of UV Laser Marking Machine

Laser typeUltraviolet laser
Laser wavelength355nm
Output power3W/5W/10W/20W/25W
Pulse length<20ns@50Khz
Marking area100X100,200X200,300X300(mm)
Frequency tuning Q8KHz-15KHz
Min line width0.01mm
Min character0.2mm
Accuracy of repetition±0.003mm
Machine power1000~1800w
Electrical power requirement220V/Single phase/50Hz/10A

Advantage of UV Laser Marking Machine

- The UV laser spot size is minimal, resulting in a small heat-affected area during marking, ideal for ultra-fine and special material marking.
- Our UV marking machine generator outputs a 355 nm wavelength laser, boasting high electro-optic conversion efficiency and excellent beam quality in TEM100 mode.
- The ultraviolet laser, considered a cold light source, offers a small heat-affected zone and superior beam quality for achieving extremely fine marking effects.
- With ultra-high peak power and minimal heating effects, it is particularly suitable for marking and cutting alumina and zirconia ceramics.
- Featuring a modular design for easy maintenance and compact size.
- The machine delivers stable performance, compact dimensions, and low power consumption.
- Its software supports DXF, PLT, BMF, AI, and JPG formats, automatically generating serial numbers, production dates, barcodes, and QR codes.
The Ultraviolet (UV) Laser Marking Machine represents a significant advancement in material processing, providing a precise, non-contact method of engraving a wide range of materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about UV Laser Marking Machine

Q: What is a UV laser marking machine, and how does it work?

A: A UV laser marking machine is a device used for engraving materials like metal, plastic, PVC, silicon, and more using a small beam of ultraviolet light. The machine emits a 355nm UV laser beam onto the surface of the material, creating a permanent marking effect with a high absorption rate.

Q: What are the advantages of using a UV laser marking machine over other engraving machines?

A: UV laser marking machines offer high precision marking and engraving and faster marking speed. They are suitable for marking a wide range of materials, such as metals and plastics. They also provide a more efficient and durable marking solution compared to traditional methods.

Q: How does a UV laser marking machine differ from a CO2 laser engraving machine?

A: While both machines use laser beams for marking and engraving, a UV laser marking machine uses UV light with a wavelength of 355nm, whereas a CO2 laser engraving machine uses a different wavelength. UV lasers are commonly used to mark materials with high absorption rates, such as certain plastics and metals.

Q: What types of marking materials are compatible with a UV laser marking machine?

A: UV laser marking machines are suitable for marking materials like metal, plastic, PVC, silicon, and other materials that can efficiently absorb 355nm UV light. They are commonly used in medical devices, electronics, and more industries.

Q: How do I choose the suitable UV laser marking machine for my engraving needs?

A: When selecting a UV laser marking machine, consider the laser power (measured in watts), wavelength (355nm), marking speed, spot size, and the specific materials you will be marking. Purchasing the machine from a reputable supplier is also important to ensure quality and reliability.

Q: What are the key features and benefits of using a UV laser marking machine?

A: Some key features of UV laser marking machines include high precision marking, permanent marking effect, high absorption rate on materials, and the ability to create fine details with a small beam. The benefits include faster marking speed, suitability for a wide range of materials, and efficient and durable marking solutions.

Q: How can UV laser marking machines revolutionize the engraving process for businesses?

A: UV laser marking machines allow businesses to streamline their marking processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality of their products. Using UV laser technology, companies can achieve high-quality, permanent markings on various materials, leading to better product traceability and branding.

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